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    Integrated Policy in the area of quality, environment, energy conservation, health and safety «Sogra CHP» LLP

    «Sogra CHP» LLP generates and sells electrical power. Generates, transmits and sells thermal power. Installed capacity of the Business is 232 Gcal/ hour for heat generation and 75 MW for electricity generation.
    Being a subsidiary organization of "Kazakhstan Utility Systems" LLP, the priority goal of "Sogra CHP" LLP is to provide reliable and high-quality electricity and heat supply, quality management, work safety, preservation of life, health, environmental protection, rational use of energy resources in the functioning of the Integrated System Management (hereinafter - ISM).

    Consistent with the principles of the Corporation Policy, management of «Sogra CHP» LLP takes the following obligations in the area of ISM:

    • Be a reliable supplier of heat and electrical power, execute contractual obligations, and provide feedback on building and maintaining of trust relations with our Customers;
    • Strive to reduce costs, increase operational efficiency, apply new advanced technologies, upgrade existing assets;
    • Strive for the efficient use of production, financial and human resources of the Business;
    • Observe the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, international ISO standards for management;
    • Strive for the preservation of the ecological balance in the course of the operation of the Business, which leads to an increase in the efficiency of the environmental management of the Business;
    • Systematic training and continuous improvement of the professional qualifications and general culture of each employee;
    • Organize and support continuous management of operations and resources as processes complying with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and OHSAS 18001 standards;
    • Strive to continually improve the effectiveness of IMS, pollution prevention, prevention of injury and ill health, as well as to continuously improve performance in the area of quality, environmental, health and safety, energy conservation, through the planning and implementation of appropriate activities;
    • Efficiently use the energy resources in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the environment;
    • Provide energy planning and operational analysis of our activities on the rational use of energy, which leads to continuous improvement in the design and acquisition of equipment with improved power characteristics;
    • Familiarize workers of contracting organizations with regulations and requirements in the area of quality, environment, energy conservation, health and safety, and ask for obligatory compliance with the requirements;
    • Strive to increase the degree of openness and transparency of the Business, through an open dialogue with consumers, partners and the public on the activities of the Company in the field of quality management in accordance with the requirements of ISO standards;

    When working at the plant, each employee is responsible for his (her) own safety as well as for safety of his (her) co-workers and the community. Top management of the Business takes an obligation to support the present Policy by all necessary resources, and every worker is responsible for implementation of the Policy within the scope of his (her) competence.

    General Director «Sogra CHP» LLP
    V. P. Tomilov June 20, 2017

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